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Bad Acrylic Nails Job

Bad Acrylic Nails Job

This Botched Nail Job Will Make You Never Ask for Rounded Tips Again. posted the results of her unfortunately misshapen acrylic manicure.

Re: The Acrylic nail job from hell!!! wow this is crazy! poor you for getting such bad service in 3 different places! i too use triple strong and also a

The liquid used with acrylic power is called monomer and the stuff doesn’t smell. chewed up nails and asking why they’re in such bad shape.

Nothing irritates me more than a bad manicure. Granted, manis at corner nail salons are meant to be quick and for utility, as opposed to long, 

The last time I had acrylics was 10 – 15 years ago and I honestly don’t. Its a bad job,(I’m not a qualified nail tech so this is my opinion) if you 

“Just finished my nail course anyone want their nails done inbox me,” she wrote, with an accompanying photo of some fairly dodgy acrylic nails.

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